You can use medication therapy. Viral warts can be treated using special medical preparations on prescription. Another way to get rid of Warts is cosmetic procedures. Such viral warts treatments are veryuseful, as it has a damaging effect on warts. There are different types of curing method.

Laser Therapy: –

To get rid of viral warts with laser therapy requires local anesthesia. After the procedure, a small depression of tissue is formed. It will get smooth in a couple of weeks. The laser can only beused to treat periungual or subungual warts that are resistant to other methods. Can cause pain, prolonged healing, and scarring. Pulsed Dye Laser (PDL) makes the procedure comfortable, painless and rarely leaves scars.

Electrocoagulation: –

An Effective Way To Treat Viral Warts

Electrocoagulation isa very effective way of viral warts removal with a high-frequency current. This method can be painful; thus, it is conducted under local anesthesia. Your skin is cut for sample and transferred for histological examination. Formation of scab after the procedure disappears in about a week. There is a high chance of getting scars; that is why electrocoagulation is not used to remove plantar warts or warts on face.

Cold Therapy or Cryotherapy: –

To remove a skin formation, it is being frozen with cryogenic nitrogen. In this procedure,the specialist applies a wooden stick with a cotton swab in the end to the wart for 10-30 seconds. As a result of which your epithelial cells of the wart are destroyed, skin inflames, and the local immune system activates. Viral wartstreatment with cryogenic nitrogen can be soft, soothing and aggressive.