If you are a small business owner, Google is doing something this holiday season as a special thanks to all of you. This Thanksgiving week, Google’s Mountain View, California-based tech announced that they will be advertising complimentary items in order to promote their businesses. Google will be advertising posters, images on different social media sites, stickers, table tents, and many other advertising items in order to promote businesses. Everything that is advertised will come from real customer reviews that the business has been receiving on the web.

Usually more people are on the web searching for items around the holiday season. With Google marketing small businesses this holiday season, it can bring more foot traffic to websites which is extremely beneficial for the business owner.

Advertising posting based on customer reviews is also very helpful. When looking to make a purchase or use a website, potential customers often rely on other customer reviews to check the creditability and quality of the website. More than 70% of consumers rely on other customers’ feedback on products and websites before actually using it. Websites with positive reviews almost receive 400% more foot traffic versus those websites without positive reviews.

This holiday season Google is even encouraging consumers to type #SmallThanks into their reviews after purchasing an item to help the business stand out. Google is making sure they receive authentic helpful reviews in order to represent the company properly. Tevfik Arif Doyen

It is important to note that before using this service, you will first need to qualify for the promotional gift. If you are a business owner you will need to claim your business through the Google Business webpage. After doing this, the Google team will search your website for reviews that have been ranked 4 stars or higher. Portions from the business owner’s reviews will be used in order to create posters for the company.

If you are a fairly new business owner or your website does not have any reviews, don’t worry you have options. Business owners can use marketing materials that are free in order to attract more customers’ attention. Tevfik Arif Using free marketing tools will also allow business owners to have more marketing materials and resources for the company.

Google is a great resource to use for marketing and expanding your business. They are under the parent company of Alphabet. The company started off in four cities in the United States and now they are nationwide.

Google Is Helping Small Businesses This Holiday Season

Google understands that maintaining happy customers is not easy. This holiday season Google is encouraging small business owners to take advantage of this opportunity that they are offering to their customers. This special thanks that Google is offering has the potential to grown your business significantly. Many potential customers look at previous customer reviews before purchasing products or using the company’s service. Google is a very trustworthy company; if your business is being promoted by Google it will attract even more customers. If you are a small business owner, visit Google’s Business website page and claim your business through it in order to qualify for this unique opportunity.