Multiple back surgeries to comprise the latest in December 2015 which used screws into my pelvis through a two-day fusion operation. My query is about these specific screws in my buttocks and when they are the origin of my current (6 months give or take) intense hip joint pain? The pain I have is worse during the night along with the first few hours the two hip joints will be currently bothering me lifting my foot hurts. An x-ray is in my post history, although I am not able to find out how to get an image or a link included within this post.

This may seem to some like an answer, but I’m not positive whether it’s my osteomyelitis coming into surface or the screws or maybe bursitis, arthritis. Thank you. Please be aware that a reply doesn’t constitute a doctor-patient connection. This subreddit is to get casual second feedback and details that are casual. The mod team does their best hip flexor and adductor stretch to remove information, but we do not capture it all. If you have any concerns about your health always go to a doctor in real life. Never utilize this subreddit as the initial and last source of advice regarding your query. By submitting, you are agreeing to our Terms of Use and understand all information is required at your own risk. I’m a bot, and this activity was done. Please make contact with this subreddit’s moderators if you have any queries or concerns. You have to see someone.

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The customary golf flexibility exercises you’ve read about on my site or noticed on YouTube movies aren’t really suitable for effectively stretching these muscles Considering that the hip flexors are a challenging muscle group to aim. PNF stretching is a method employed by professional sports coaches to assist an athlete target a particular muscle group to decrease stiffness. It’s a technique which aids golfers to boost rotational freedom and extend the muscles at a technical method across their hip joints. The key to PNF stretches is to concentrate the elongate on the side that is right.