They hope that God will provide them clear instructions, mentioning they desire to serve God’s will and not squander their time going down the incorrect course. They then get disappointed or puzzled when God does not appear to be leading them down the course they believe they need to be going.

This is where the contrast is available in. If you ever played any of the very first individual shooter type computer game, you might have seen a couple of things they share.

  1. They all end in one specific objective
  2. There are typically various settings/ levels you should deal with prior to attaining the objective
  3. It’s not a straight shot to obtain that objective
  4. There is a lot of opponents and challenges that stand in between you and the surface.

Unblocked Games

Frequently in life, we discover courses that we are quite sure we are expected to take, however for one factor or another, the door that we believe results in that course stays closed. When this takes place, we have the tendency to end up unblocked games 77 being annoyed and begin questioning ourselves, questioning if we are going the proper way or where to go rather.

How Looking for God's Instructions Resembles Playing Video Games

The rational course that you would presume you must take is obstructed. Often the option is simple to discover, in some cases though you should invest a lot of time browsing for a not so apparent course or something to unclog the course you are on. In an excellent video game, these alternative courses are not simply a walk in the park.

In life, frequently the course that we believe God is leading us down will end up being obstructed with its own set of obstacles, requiring us to discover an alternative path. God might still be leading us to that space on the other side of the door ultimately, however rather of providing us a straight course through, He is informing us not yet and that we are going have to do something else.