Very early types of Greek were composed utilizing a syllabary, for many of its background, Greek has actually been composed making use of the Greek alphabet. Earlier variants of the alphabet consisted of added letters many of the Old Greek writing in presence is composed with the 24 letters of the Greek alphabet in its present type.

In Phoenician, each of the letters was called after things whose name began with that said letter. The name for the very first letter was “aleph” which indicated ox. The Greeks obtained the letter names together with the icons and also nativized the enunciation – so, “aleph”, “wager” and also “gimel” came to be “alpha”, “beta” and also “gamma” and also shed the link to the initial definition of the names.

Equally as the Greeks obtained the alphabet from the Phoenicians (altering it to match their demands) several various other alphabets being used today were established from the Greek alphabet (consisting of the Latin alphabet made use of to compose English and also the Cyrillic alphabet utilized to create Russian). Greek letters likewise show up beyond the reck√° abeceda composed Greek language in numerous online forums consisting of maths as well as society names. Consequently, for the typical westerner, the Greek alphabet is not entirely international.

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The Old Greek Alphabet from Alpha to Omega

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