If a kingdom is under attack, and the offensive force is not ready, the defending forces begin to defend the whole kingdom. Our human body is highly vulnerable. We can’t fight back every danger that our body encounters. So it defends most of them. It is a well-known fact that; the tiniest of us is the cell. Saving the cell from any danger could save us on the whole. There are many shields to save it from any damage. If there is any small scratch, any loss could happen. One such shield that covers each cell is the Phosphatidylserine. Let us assess the importance and the uses of the compound.

The Chemistry

The Phosphatidylserine also called Ptd-L or PS is one of the most important components helping in the defensive mechanisms of the body. It is a phospholipid, which means a fatty substance in common. It has two fatty acids linked with a phosphodiester linkage. It is synthesized by the body. It can be prepared artificially in the labs too. They are available as consumable powders. It is found in the cell membrane of each cell.

Gaining Ptd-L from various sources

The PS helps in securing the cells from any damage, by presenting in the cell membranes. Some raw components, when taken in are broken by the digestive juice. PS remains in a good shape and is absorbed by the body. So they are consumed for a lot of reasons. They are gained in a lot of meat food sources. Some other foods boost the production of PS in our body and help indirectly. They are consumed in raw powdered form too as medicines.

Phosphatidylserine – A Shield For Every Cell

Benefits of Ptd-L

The component has several benefits like Glutathione. The main one is that it protects every cell. In the brain, it helps in the protection of brain cells and data transfer among cells. Improved cell signaling could increase brain function. So it is taken for boosting memory power. It can cure multiple sclerosis, muscle soreness, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, stress, and many other diseases too. Mentally, PS can give good sleep, stable mood, etc. There are many other health benefits too for PS. The level of Ptd-L reduces, as one age. So maintaining them at a proper level is important.

The Phosphatidylserine being a vital component, it must be maintained properly in our body. It can be prepared synthetically or extracted from other sources. So they are available in the market. The component is consumed by a lot for many reasons. Taking this shield of cells at the right amounts can help us too.