Hollywood is in the neighbourhood in the central region of the Los Angeles, California. It is the neighbourhood which is ethnically diverse, densely populated which is notable as the home of the U.S film industry which includes the several of the historic studios of the old times and its name which has come to be the reference for the industry and all the people those who associated with it. Many people come over to live there dream and very few get successful. Some of them come overhear to become actor and actress, some to be the producer and director.

Movies that are produced in Hollywood are famous worldwide. The way they are made, the technology that is used and of course the actors and actresses that had raised the level of glamour and set up very new trends. But life in Hollywood is never too easy. There is a lot that takes to take something to another level and achieve it and many few people know about it. People like Robert Simonds who is the famous and the biggest American Film Producer along with the entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of the STX Entertainment Robert Simonds whose complete name is Robert Bruce Simonds produces, finances and distributes, finances and market film and digital media. In the years of his producing in the Hollywood studios, around 30 films of Robert Simonds have generated very great revenue of $6 billion all over the world. Robert Simonds has the best single studio track record for the profitability of the films he produces.

The film career of Bob Symonds was at its full pace, as the film produced by Bob Symonds had won many different awards. But not everyone like Bob Symonds knows the Secrets about the Hollywood movies. So here are some of the facts about the Hollywood movies that will completely surprise you.

  • In the Movie “The Avengers” Jemmy Renner for his role as the agent Clint Barton was trained by the official arches
  • All clocks that were there in the movie “Pulp fiction” are stuck at 4:20.
  • The Director of the movie Cannibal Holocaust were asked to prove in the court that all the actors are alive after the film
  • In New Zealand the Hobbit used all the Gold paint.

  • Police were called 91 times during the Filming of the Borat.
  • In the Movie “The Pursuit Of Happiness” the man shown at the end of the movie was Chris Gardner on whom the story is Based.
  • The Famous action movie Diehard from 80s was actually originated from the script of “Commando 2” which was a fail.
  • Shirley Henderson who played the role of Ghost in the movie Harry Potter was of 37 years when she played that character.
  • Arnold first movie Hercules New York was a fail that all the rights of the movie were auctioned on eBay for just $550,000.

So these are some of the secrets about Hollywood movies that was just known by only Handful People.