Artificial Intelligence, which was earlier depicted in the science fiction movies in the late 90’s, has now come to live reality. Experts have coined the preset 21st century as the age of AI & its relevant technologies. The advancements in AI are happening more rapidly, making it one of the most impacting & revolutionary technologies at present.

The demand for AI & its applications is felt by IT, Corporate, Business, Retail, Banking, Automobile & also Social Media sectors alike.  This demand for AI is encouraging companies to invest heavily in this technology & companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Tesla, OpenAI are among those companies that are heavily investing & researching towards further development in AI.

As the hype around AI is quite real, let’s exactly know how AI is impacting in various sectors

Role Of AI In IT Sector-

IT sector is probably one of the most prominent sectors which are largely getting influenced by AI. AI will add to the service offerings from the IT industry & will also automate the current service offerings with RPA.

Having realized the fact that AI is the future technology that would reshape the world, every major company is on the verge of obtaining small startups that are into AI. Google, Apple, Microsoft, Cognizant are investing billions of dollars researching AI to deliver AI-            related services to their clients.

Artificial Intelligence Role In Automobile Industry-

Back in the late 90’s, the driverless vehicles were shown in the since fiction moves had left the audience in awe. The advancements in AI in the automobile industry have become so significant that enterprises are now implementing modern cutting-edge AI to develop Self Driving Cars.




Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare Industry-

Even the pharmaceutical industry has embraced AI. The complex algorithms in AI are now helping to estimate human cognition more precisely while analyzing complex medical data.

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