In our childhood, almost all of us have memories of giving New Year cards to our friends and family. The cards came in all sizes and shapes will beautiful messages written inside them ushering not only the New Year but also wishing your loved ones the best in the coming year. Also, children often made personalized cards by drawing on the front page and writing a message inside. As time went by, there were musical cards,and we chose to text through our digital devices rather than sending cards. But, the tradition of sending New Year messages till continues to exist and it will continue till times unknown. However, the ways and means of sending the messages changed but the formalities as well as will to maintain the relationship in this age is also intact. For this occasion,there are several messages that can be of much help to every individual.

Apart from cakes, wine and fireworks, the new year messages can be sent to all kinds of people in your life: lovers, friends, parents and close relative. This is a gesture made towards your loved ones showing that you hope and pray for their well being and prosperity in the next year. You can always write your own messages,but in case you do not have as much time, here are some already to help you out.

  • Every New Year comes with new resolutions and hopes to fulfil and attain your dreams. Wish you all the good luck and prosperity so that this year may prove to be a breakthrough and your dreams become a reality.
  • May this New Year bring to you the warmth of our cherished memories and the ones we make for the rest of our lives. Hope this year will be a milestone too!
  • The end of every year marks the end of negativity you face and gives you hope and strength to accomplish the unfulfilled dreams. Cherish this New Year and let the positivity flow!

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Top Happy New Year messages for near and dear ones

  • An end to one thing marks the beginning of a new thing. Start this New Year afresh and wish you all the luck and love. Hugs and Kisses.
  • Communication is the first and best way to achieve strong and beautiful relationships. Work on them this New Year and let your charm flow.
  • Wish you all the love and blessings so that you can spend the New Year with you near and loved ones. Be grateful to the year gone and welcome the year to come. Happy 2018!
  • “Wound is the place where the light enters you”. Let your wounds heal and make way for more light in your life in this year to come. Let go of the past and begin afresh. Happy New Year!
  • A New Year is just a date. Every day is a new day which comes with numerous possibilities and hope. Here is a card to remind you that you will always have me by your side. More so in this coming year!

For a user, these are some of the useful messages that can help to greet others on New Year Day.

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