Two boys are detained after a pedestrian was struck by a car and severely hurt. The crash occurred at about 15:00 in the Small Heath area of Reading BST on Sunday. The pedestrian – a guy in is that the 60s – has been taken to hospital with leg injuries that were serious. Police said two boys, aged 15 and 14 had been detained on suspicion of causing severe harm by dangerous driving. Before hitting the sufferer, Thames Valley Police said a Vauxhall Corsa traveling to Little Heath Road from City Road had mounted on the sidewalk occasions. Approximately five men, who had been in the vehicle, were spotted running from the spectacle, the drive included.

The teens were arrested on suspicion of aggravated vehicle taking, with a car without third party protection, forcing a car otherwise than also failing to stop after a road crash. The 15-year-old was arrested for driving a motor vehicle with a percentage of medication over the limit. They have been published under analysis. The drive is attractive for witnesses. When you’ve got a motorbike or a motorcar, you have some type of insurance policy. For all automobile owners insurance is mandatory in many countries. The cause of that is that institutions such as banks wish to pay the risk related to loans they provide their clientele. Governments are vulnerable to loses related to the transportation system and motor vehicles generally. Read more

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