The National Council for Promotion of Sindhi Language (NCPSL) is a fully funded autonomous organization under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of Secondary & Higher Education, with its headquarters at New Delhi. To popularize the Urdu language, a national program of Urdu learning through Distance Mode is undertaken through 142 Urdu Study Centres in 18 States during 2005-06. A Diploma is awarded at the end of the program. So far, NCPUL has established 194 Arabic Study Centres in 17 States. The publication is an important activity of the NCPUL. National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language (NCPUL) is the national nodal agency under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of Secondary & Higher Education, Government of India responsible for the promotion of Urdu language in the country.

The chu thu phap dep has also launched a two-year ‘Diploma in Functional Arabic’ course to enrich the instruction of Arabic and provide experience to the students of modern and colloquial Arabic at a spoken level as well as at writing level. Experimentation with brushwork and gradations of ink progressed when paper became a popular writing medium during the second century AD. That’s simply because the Chinese calligraphers adopt the method of using reed pens as ink brushes in order to create the perfect Chinese calligraphy. The Chinese term gi bi signifies to begin your stroke along with the term shou bi signifies to end your stroke.

Now see the line; this is the maximum width of your nib and now again return to the starting position, and if you pull the nib horizontally from left to right, you will see the thinnest horizontal stroke. It was good to see so many people showing an interest and turning out on such a freezing cold day. Death is something that happens to people we do not know or to distant relatives that we have never met. And this is precisely what people do not grasp; the difference between superficial knowledge and understanding.