The choice of food should be well considered. If you want to travel a lot during your holiday and have planned numerous activities outside of the hotel complex, you do not have to book an all-inclusive offer. With half board, active travelers are usually better advised. For those seeking relaxation, who would rather enjoy the benefits of a large hotel complex, it is worth the all-inclusive package of the All-Inclusive! So, before you book, think about what type of vacation you are and what you really want.

The following catering options are available:

Just breakfast: Half board (breakfast and dinner)Full board (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)All Inclusive (all meals with snacks, coffee and cake, and most drinks)Ultra-All-Inclusive (different depending on the hotel, usually additional things are included in the price, which costs extra)

Our tip: be careful with the food, always in the hotel or organizer descriptions read, since the inclusive services sometimes vary!

The type of journey

You’re probably wondering what to do with the hotel selection? A lot! For those who arrive by car, should check before departure, whether the accommodation also offers to park or at least nearby which are. On the other hand, we advise passengers to inquire about a possible hotel transfer from the airport to the accommodation. If this service is not available to you, we recommend that you use public transport or get a rental car at the airport. At the Ukraine hotels you will not have to worry at all.

Specific options in the Ukraine Hotels Now

Room with sea view

Hotel with beach location is not enough for you? You want more, a room with a view of the turquoise waters? Then read the hotel and room descriptions exactly, many providers already share this highlight on their websites. But this feature has its price. If you do not want to do without it, you have to dig a little deeper into your wallet. But it is definitely worth it.