My water has turned yellowish using precipitated iron, because adding a reservoir, although I have a softener. Currently goes straight in the reservoir it goes to a pressure tank. The carbon filter sticks up fast and the shredder does not manage the iron. I am new to the and tired of managing flakey water businesses and need to go in mine. What would you advocate for a method with what I have but getting rid of this 20-inch filter? The water contains manganese and iron, thus a sort of iron filter which could take care of both the manganese and iron is necessary.

From the description I suppose that your reservoir is really a coated tank, like an 1100 gallon polyethylene storage tank that is vinyl that is non-pressurized? And that following the storage tank you already now own 80-gallon pressure tank along with a booster pump, is that right? If this is so, you’re a great candidate to get some MangOX iron filter. MangOX also marketed as Filox, or Pyrolox is a good manganese oxide network that’s extremely capable of eliminating both dissolved transparent  and oxidized rust iron, in addition to manganese, out of water. It’s essential to say that the efficacy of the systems is determined by your home’s dimensions ; the methods mentioned here would be best for houses with 1-3 bathrooms. The MangOX Iron Filter is an extremely strong and  water filtration efficient method for removing iron and manganese.

This system removes iron, manganese, and sediment with no usage of filter capsules or compounds. The iron filter is easy to install by the person or any other plumber acquainted with plumbing. The MangOX Iron Filter operates by utilizing a particular sort of strong manganese oxide network that traps the iron automatically backwashes the sediment and rust outside to drain. The backwash lasts for about 15 minutes and happens mechanically, normally every two-three times, in the middle of the night if no water is used. A chlorine alternative tank can be found to backwash the MangOX filter press using a chlorine wash, which can extend the life span of the MangOX press and eliminates destroys bacteria.